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Clear Channel


Clear Channel: city and media of reality actor Present in all places of life, mobility and consumption of the French, we are an organization committed to serving brands and collective utility. Thanks to our territorial network to communicate instantly in print or digital in a shopping center, a metro, a district, a city, a region or the whole of France, we innovate in the modes of interaction and engagement of the citizen-consumer. We are a fully-fledged player in the "Smart society", driven by strong values ​​of proximity, creativity and fairness, which is revolutionizing outdoor communication thanks to editorial content with Brut., Jam or Beaux-Arts, as well as new citizen services. We are also working to limit the environmental impact of our activity. We pay particular attention to optimizing our processes to minimize all of our consumption, from manufacturing to operating and recycling our furniture. We offer a green offer, PEFC and Imprim’Vert certified, which consists of using 100% recycled paper and solvent-free ink.