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Transition Evergreen


Transition Evergreen is the first French-listed investment fund, with a focus on accelerating the ecological transition and reducing the carbon footprint. Leveraging the expertise of asset management company, Aqua Asset Management, Transition Evergreen seeks to provide concrete solutions to the challenges of building a carbon-neutral world. To achieve this, the Group invests in unlisted French and European companies. Transition Evergreen is a proven accelerator of green growth. The Group’s corporate purpose is to invest in high-growth French and European SMEs focused on the ecological transition. Transition Evergreen holds interests mainly in the following companies: Evergaz, the leading independent French biogas player, C4, a fully-integrated methanisation operator in Germany, EverWatt, an energy-efficient and carbon neutral player for regions, Everwood, a specialist in sustainable forest management and Safra, a French player in the carbon-neutral mobility market. Transition Evergreen has been awarded the Greenfin label, which guarantees the green credentials of investment funds and is awarded to funds that factor environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) criteria into the design and life cycle of their portfolio, comply with the exclusion criteria set by the label and have a positive impact on the energy and ecological transition. Transition Evergreen has been awarded the “Relance” label for investment funds that support the economic recovery by strengthening French companies with equity or quasi-equity.