Transition Forum 2024



IRIIG is the 1st school 100% dedicated to the management of innovation and impact; It is positioned, in an ecosystem logic, both as a talent incubator and an innovation accelerator. IRIIG thus aims to train and support innovation, the transformation of people and organizations, and the growth that it wants to be inclusive, sustainable and eco-responsible. For this, she made the triple differentiating choice: --> To capitalize on its campus, the II, conceived and designed as a third place to multiply links - Federating and welcoming actors of innovation, impact, entrepreneurship and tech, - "Leading" and inspiring its students and stakeholders. --> To base its pedagogy on the only non-perishable skill, the ability to learn to learn throughout one's life, by building rewarding programs: - The SoftSkills and in particular the 4 Cs: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication & Cooperation, to which we add 2 specific Cs to entrepreneurs: Courage and Confidence, - Learning in action, and through experimentation (Learning by Doing), by reserving more than 40% of the programs for carrying out real consulting missions, particularly on behalf of impact actors, - The entrepreneurial spirit and the credo "Undertake to Learn". --> To support and promote growth ETIs and SMEs, which create jobs and wealth in our regions, and face a strong and lasting shortage of talent