Transition Forum 2024


Géraline Poivert


Co-founder & CEO


HIS CARRIER With 20 years of experience in the circular economy, Géraldine Poivert founded the firm (RE)SET with Frank Gana in 2019, after working for mass distribution (FCD), then managing Ecofolio and Citeo as Managing Director. Expert in public, economic and industrial issues of transition (Extended Producer Responsibility, eco-design, financing issues, new standards, management and transition issues, etc.), Géraldine is France 2030 Ambassador, member of the National Council of Circular Economy and administrator of the National Institute of the Circular Economy. His conviction? Cooperation and collective action are the only ways to meet the challenges of economic and environmental transition. This goes well beyond decarbonization and global warming. At the heart of the transition are resources. Precious, they are rare, disputed and not very circular by nature. The challenge is industrial, chemical and organizational. It concerns all value chains. Géraldine “puts Green in the Game”, to use the slogan of (RE)SET! HIS BACKGROUND IEP d’Aix en Provence DEA d’études politiques à SC-PO Paris HIS EXPERTISES: #RP SECTORS #PACKAGING #RECYCLING #ECO-DESIGN #MARKET #CONSUMPTION #BUSINESS STRATEGY