Transition Forum 2024


Elisabeth Laville


Fondatrice & Chief Entrepreneur


Élisabeth Laville is recognized as one of the pioneers of sustainable development and CSR in France, as in the rest of the world. A graduate of HEC in 1988, Élisabeth worked for several years as a strategic planner in advertising before creating UTOPIES in 1993, the leading think tank and consulting firm on sustainable development strategies in France. With 30 years of activity in 2023 and 75 people, UTOPIES has topped the ranking of the best sustainable development agencies in France since 2011 (Décideurs Magazine), ranked in the top 25 of the best marketing consulting agencies in France in 2017 , was the first certified B Corp company in France in 2014 (label that it then launched in France) and is also at the top of the list Great Place to Work in France for several years (#1 in 2019 and 2021 in the “companies with less than 50 employees” category, #10 since then in the “50-250 employees” category). UTOPIES has finally, since 2020, been a Mission Company (within the meaning of the PACTE law) and an ESUS-certified company. (Solidarity Enterprise of Social Utility). Recognized as one of the international experts in sustainable development strategies, Élisabeth received the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year Award in 2008 and was made a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor that same year. She has also been an Officer in the National Order of Merit since May 2019. She is the author of the best-seller “L'entreprise verte” (first book published in French on corporate commitment in 2002, Synapsis Prize for Best French Business Book that same year) and several other works - including the last two are “The B Corp Revolution” (Pearson, June 2022) and “Positive Brands”, (Pearson, late 2019), which was awarded a 2020 medal by the Academy of Commercial Sciences. She led the report “For sustainable consumption”, with France Stratégie, which was given to the Minister of Ecology at the beginning of 2011. She sits or has served on various advisory committees or boards of directors of companies, NGOs or foundations, including: - Board of Directors of NATURE & DECOUVERTES (from 2007 to 2019, until the takeover of the brand by the FNAC-DARTY group); - Board of Directors of RABOT DUTILLEUL (2015-2016); - Board of Directors of B LAB FRANCE (the NGO which oversees the development of B Corp) since 2019 as founding member; - Leadership Panel of the English group BRITISH TELECOM (2006-2012); - Net Positive Advisory Board of the British group KINGFISHER (2013-2014); - Sustainability Board of the luxury house CHLOE (since 2021); - Sustainability Board of the Brazilian group ALPARGATAS/HAVAIANAS (since 2022); - Sustainable Development Steering Committee of the EGIS group (since its creation more than ten years ago); - Unis-Cités, the pioneering NGO of civic service for young people in France (since 2003); - The MONOPRIX Corporate Foundation (since 2014); - The founding of the PIERRE & VACANCES CENTER PARCS group (2018-2022). Since 2019, she has also participated in several Mission Committees of companies that have become Mission Companies within the meaning of the PACTE law, including AIGLE (Elisabeth chairs the Mission Committee), BOUGE TA BOITE (idem), FREY, EXPANSCIENCE and SWEEP. Élisabeth is also at the origin of the Campus Responsibles network (the first network of major schools and universities committed to sustainable development in France, created in 2005), the Francophone Trophies of Responsible Campuses (created ten years ago) and the responsible consumption observatory Mes Courses pour la Planète, created in 2007. Twitter : @ElisabethLavill