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Perrine Bulgheroni


Consultante en agroécologie et permaculture - formatrice


After studying international law, Perrine worked in a law firm in Tokyo, while volunteering her time for the High Commission for Refugees. She then became head of the legal department of a company in Hong Kong. But Perrine's first world was high-level sport. This experience taught her a lot about the body, food, health, a center of interest that she was able to deepen during her seven years spent in Japan and China, where she notably discovered the art of massage and of meditation. At 30, Perrine radically changed path, beginning studies as a psychotherapist. She worked for several years, in particular leading relaxation training in schools (for children and teachers), as well as in companies. Perrine published “La relaxation en famille” (Presses de la Renaissance). In 2003 Perrine co-founded the Bec Hellouin organic farm. The first objective of this adventure was to feed his children with healthy products, resulting from the work of his hands. The Bec Hellouin Organic Farm has developed over the years and has benefited from strong recognition, in particular thanks to the various scientific studies that have been carried out there. The discovery of permaculture had a profound resonance for Perrine; she studied it in Japan, England and Cuba. Perrine was regional advisor for Haute-Normandie from 2010 to 2016, tasked with developing organic agriculture. In this capacity, she collaborated with various stakeholders in the agricultural world. She was certified as a professor of applied permaculture on May 7, 2013. Her commitment to permaculture and society was recognized by her appointment to the Order of Knight of the National Order of Merit in 2018. Perrine is also a speaker and consultant in permaculture. Today she devotes herself exclusively to these activities, participating in the growth of microfarms, modern cooperative farms and the development of permaculture projects in companies and then in the dissemination of the principles of permaculture in the workplace and for the general public. . Perrine BULGHERONI (HERVE-GRUYER) is also the author of “La relaxation en famille” (2008) at Presses de la Renaissance, of “Permacuture, Healing the earth, nourishing men” at Editions Actes Sud in 2014, and “Vivre with the Earth” published by Editions Actes Sud in 2019.