Transition Forum 2024


Morgane Colombert


Directrice des études & des partenariats


Morgane Colombert is today Director of Studies and Partnerships within Efficacity, the Research & Development Institute for the Energy & Ecological Transition of the City. Engineer graduated from the Ecole des Ingénieurs de la Ville de Paris (EIVP) and doctor in urban engineering from the University of Paris-Est (recognized for taking into account the heat island within the different means of intervention on the city), Morgane Colombert was initially a teacher-researcher and head of the Energy Climate Pole within Lab'Urba and the EIVP for around ten years. After having been project director in charge of the “Environmental assessment of urban projects” program, which included the development of UrbanPrint, at Efficacity, she is now Director of Studies and Partnerships. In this respect, it supports the deployment of software to assist in the design of low-carbon neighborhoods developed by Efficacity and its partners. Also an associate researcher at Lab’Urba, her work today mainly focuses on tools and methods for providing knowledge of energy and climate transition in the design of urban development operations. It thus questions, in the continuity of its previous research which focused more particularly on the subjects of urban comfort and heat island and the tools and methods intended for development actors to integrate the energy and climate transition, the capacity of a territory to adapt to climate change and face the challenges of energy transition. Aware of the issues associated with the dissemination of knowledge between academic and operational environments, the dissemination of good practices, exchanges between experts from different disciplines and/or professional environments, she is also a member of the GREC (Regional Group of Expertise on Change climate and ecological transition) in Île-de-France since 2021 or the CEM (Cercle de l'Expertise à Mission), a network of experts to accelerate the transitions of companies and territories, and editorial advisor for Editions Techniques de the Engineer on the theme of smart and sustainable cities.