Transition Forum 2024


Yann Thomas


Co-fondateur & Gérant


« Microhumus, soil restoration in the service of life The soil compartment is the support for biodiversity and living things in general. Indeed, all animals depend directly or indirectly on the quality of the soil. As part of the restoration of environments, whether for health, landscape, agricultural or biodiversity reasons, soils are increasingly considered to be an essential element. Microhumus is a design office that has existed since 2007, leader in Europe in soil engineering and management of Polluted Sites and Soils by phytomanagement with more than 200 intervention sites, whether in studies or on site AMO. Phytomanagement corresponds to a set of techniques, phytotechnologies, used to degrade or stabilize pollutants in the soil, using plants and soil engineering. Soil engineering is the restoration of degraded soils, whether they are old quarries, soils in an arid desert environment, urban soils, industrial soils, or polluted soils. Microhumus also supports independent producers of topsoil from the circular economy to supply the market for landscapers and construction companies. By the end of 2023, these producers will have produced, and thereby preserved, nearly 100,000 tonnes in Ile de France, tens of thousands of tonnes in New Aquitaine, Rhône Alpes, PACA, etc.